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Originally Posted by AEC View Post
I enjoyed the write up! Thanks for posting!

I take it the factory tour was open and available? Did you get to see the G05s being assembled?

I’m also thinking about stopping for some BBQ after my upcoming PCD. If you had to recommend 1 or 2 places, which would they be?

Also, are there any things you wished you knew beforehand or things you would have done differently?
Thanks for the read! Yes, factory tour was open, but not the G05 line - we were in the X3/X4 hall, and saw quite a few X3/X4M's being built.

Definitely stop for some cue if in the region. My recommendations would be based on what meat you'd want and also what area you head into.
  • There's not much in this world better than true East NC style whole hog. Now, being at GSP, you're not on the East side at all - so, go west from PCD towards Clemson to Circle M BBQ, if you can get there, and they're open.
  • If Asheville is in your plans, you can get whole hog at Buxton Hall, but I have heard it can be hit or miss. My visit was HIT, but I make no guarantees.
  • If going further West is not in your plans, for straight pulled pork shoulder (or if in NC, just barbecue) - I'd recommend Red Bridges BBQ in Shelby, NC, with Lexington BBQ in Lexington, NC a very very close 2nd. The red slaw at Lexington is really special - get it on top of a barbecue sandwich and you'll have no regrets.
  • Haywood Smokehouse (Dillsboro NC and Waynesville NC) is my recommendation for traveling sauces, as well as the brisket.
  • If you're a bones and ribs guy, I was highly surprised at Okie-Dokies in Swannanoa NC - probably the best ribs I've ever had (for sure in hog country).

Things I wish I would have known/prepared for. The shitty 12V socket not being compatible with my radar detector. That's 1. #2 would be having a single bag/box with just the things you'll need in the car. Tissues&napkins/Paper Towels/Leather wipes/Microfiber/few bottles of water.

I'd also recommend, like another poster recommended to me and I subsequently ignored, to stay another night in Greenville. It's going to be a long day, you're going to be up early - and if you do the track sessions first, you'll have that initial adrenaline spike, and the follow-up energy crash, before 10:30-11 am. You may want to go visit the Zentrum, which we bypassed solely in the interests of time. Most people probably do, but keep your phone in your pocket. If you put it in your bags somewhere, they'll be taken and you're without them until you get the car. Oh well.

Aside these, just show up and enjoy the experience!

Definitely check out the CCA Foundation while in the area.

Have fun and good luck!
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