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Originally Posted by sygazelle View Post
I, too, had the good fortune to do both a European Delivery at Welt as well as a PCD at Spartanburg. They are completely different experiences but both are amazing. Your write up of both adventures brings back fond memories.

Thanks for sharing your stories with us. I was lucky enough to have worked in Amsterdam for a few years in the 90's. We love the Netherlands and have been back for visits since living there.

Your PCD story matches our experience. What a first-rate program they put on.

Anyone thinking about either European Delivery or PCD? My advice is just do it.

In fact, this post has me thinking about doing it again.

Enjoy the new X5 and the M3. What a great combination of vehicles.
Of course! Glad to be able to bring happy memories to the forefront for others. It is a great time, if I decide that a G80 order is on my agenda, the plan will be to do the Munich-->PCD doubleheader on it.

After hitting something with under 1,000 miles on the G05, though, I'll probably work to get PPF done in the south before coming home in the next purchase.

Originally Posted by micmitch View Post
Good write up! my experience in early August was the same - though my wife and I did stay the extra night in Greenville - definitely recommend that.

My car had the 3/2019 software on it and still does, but my experience has been pretty good. I leave the Carplay engaged, but I've been using the iDrive Nav while listening to iTunes or Audible on my iPhone. I do use the Home button to go back to idrive from carplay.

I also drove from Greenville to the Parkway, to Asheville, up Mt. Mitchell, to Little Switzerland, Boone and then home to Charlotte - idrive and nav worked perfectly throughout. (I have had to reboot it once since when carplay would not connect - I think the 12.4.1 iOS update *may* have caused it. It's worked fine since.

PCD is highly recommended - will always do that in the future!
It is really a great program they offer, and the ride through that region never disappoints. Some weird software niggles, but nowhere near as frustrating as the Apple iOS release where text messaging went offline for 2 or 3 days. In the car, as long as I know where I'm at or going, who needs the electronics? If it starts, stops and steers; main functions are online!

I STILL cannot get over just how nice this thing is inside. I really feel that I've got no business driving something this nice. It's wild!
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