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I didn't realize BMW was still working on hydrogen. That is good to know. No one can say for sure yet what the best solution is - battery EV or fuel cell EV. Toyota has said they absolutely will not stop with hydrogen development.

Also, in regards to EV's people really need to stop focusing on range. People do not need all the high range numbers being touted. Charging infrastructure, charging technology, and charging standards are more important. Pure EVs have a long way to go to overtake ICE or PHEV vehicles. Most people in the US cannot charge at home, and outside of CA and maybe a few other places, the charging infrastructure is almost non existent.

Plus more than half the country cannot even afford a 4yr old EV let alone a $40k new one, forget where and how to charge it. At least with an FCEV or PHEV, there would still be the ability to quickly refill.

We charge our i3 REx at home and have put 25k miles on it in 18 months. Its a commuter vehicle (150 miles RT) and local errand vehicle. My house is a long way from ditching ICE vehicles, I am addicted to 6 spds. Households having a mix of ICE and EV/PHEV is going to be the transition period we are in for at least the next decade.

I'm glad BMW is not putting all its eggs in one basket (BEV). To those who say BMW is behind the game, the i3 came to market back in 2013.
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