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Originally Posted by James_G0530d View Post
Hydrogen is VERY feasible, I like it, and hopefully my next X5 in 8-10 years will be Hydrogen or Hydrogen fuel cell. I agree with using Battery as backup or ancillary purposes, but for primary power there needs to be a revolution in battery technology.

We just need the refueling infrastructure built, the cost to come down, ....oh yeah and the hidden vested interests in keep the oil industry going squashed....
Notice how oil prices drop every time manufacturers start touting alternative drive power sources?

BMW are definitely in partnership with the right company, Toyota - the biggest manufacturer in the world - albeit their cars drive like "white goods" on wheels, but that's testament to how damn well they do things.
I see the partnership with Toyota as a good thing. It may being better reliability in electronics in long run. The Japanese are the best in this area. People want to blame Toyota cooperation for boring driving BMWs but the reality is the requirements needed for autopilot(electronic steering) is the result of boring driving BMW's steering problems.