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The exhaust looks weird and overly complicated. (and ugly; they never managed to come up with a beautiful exhaust). Why so many elements and plates that are weird and hard to clean? Those plates will host all kind of crap. Airflow is also affected.

Also BMW still continues to use those little screws everywhere that need a hole or a counter plate to screw them on; this is unnecessary weight (believe me, it adds up) and rust material. Not to mention, many times they get loose. Why not doing it like in some areas with plastic screw nuts? Lighter and no rust?
In some models for the under body shield they use body welded screws that have plastic lock screw nuts. That is the best because is lighter, there are no holes in the body and the screws receive the same anticorrosive bath with the body. It seems that Audi got it. Why not BMW?
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