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I actually have my car in my possession now, so I can speak intelligently about it.

The REASON I bought an M50i was because I'm a car enthusiast, but I also needed a "softer" car than my 340i MPPSK (Bad neck/back)... and more family space is always good too. The roads in Belgium are worse than any country I've ever been to... and I've been to a lot. (over 30).

The X5M "looks" amazing... it performs amazing for an SUV, no doubt. But, the suspension is hard as a rock. All M cars are.

Why buy a "luxury SUV", only to have all the luxury removed with a harsh suspension?

Why buy a "Track SUV".... when it's not EVER going to perform like a sportscar on the track, due to simple physics?

The M50i is the best of both worlds.... and it's VERY good at both.

I absolute LOVE the air suspension. I don't find it "floaty" at all. I've been reading comments about all the hate toward the air suspension, because it doesn't "handle corners" as well. Well.... Duhh... it's an SUV. It's not supposed to. In dynamic mode, it handles corners and curves MUCH better than I expected it to. Absolutely ZERO complaints from me.

If the X5M and the X5M50i were the exact same price... I would STILL get the X5M50i. It's just a better, more useable, more purposeful vehicle.
also most tracks here on the east coast, will NOT allow you to take any SUV to the track. most tracks near me require a sedan or coupe, and depending on events, a roll cage and helmets gear.

So you're not going to track a 6 figure car and you're surely not going to track an SUV. So who is buying the full "M" SUV ?
Someone in Texas racing their kids down the highway?
I don't know if it's the same on the east coast, but the west coast tracks/clubs I've spoken with will allow suvs on a case by case basis. My GLC43 was allowed for a couple of events I've inquired about.

That said if you've the means to own an X5M, you've probably something a little more car like that would be better suited to driving on the track. As for someone tracking a $100,000 car, go out to a PCA track day, more than a few at that value there.
Rule number one at my local track is no SUVs. Summit Point WV is one of the premier tracks around DC. see rules:

Vehicle Eligibility

1. Street cars on street tires. No SUV’s, Minivans, or Truck’s.

2. Roll bars are mandatory for all convertibles.  Removable Hard Tops are not approved for rollover protection. Retractible Hard Tops,  Targa Tops, T-Tops and Sunroofs must remain in place while on track.