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Originally Posted by mact3333 View Post
Copy of IWC Pilot...personally, think I would rather get a IWC replica with genuine Valjoux 7750 swiss movement for 500.00 USD myself...can get one with asian 7750 movement for 350.00

That's just a Nav A style watch.. Stowa/IWC/Laco/A. Lange made the original Nav A and Nav B 55mm watches for the German pilots back in the late 30s 40s for the German govt. to a set of standards. So in any respect these are all copies (or homages)... Even your IWC. Furthermore, none of the originals were made as chronographs, so I don't think its fair to draw the correlation that the Steinhart is somehow sub-par because it's a copy.. especially when your next bit of advice is to buy a replica.

I personally wouldn't be caught dead wearing a replica watch... and trust me, if $500 is all you're planning to spend on one, I'd spot you from across the room.

OP: I bought one of them pre-owned and the other direct from Steinhart. If you can find the on the used market, you can typically get a really good deal. I'd start here.