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Reps have a very wide range in quality...for 100.00 you are getting a quartz pos.

I have bought Asian 7750 and Asian eta 2824 mvts but they are pos's too.

The Asian mvts are unreliable esp the 7750 chrono ones...hence I would only buy reps with genuine Swiss mvts as these are the same mvts many high end watch makers's funny cause many Panerais and Hublots that cost 5-10k use a 7750 off the shelf mvt and dress it up with some engravings and such....never would I buy a gen watch without them making their own in house mvt.

Hence I would buy a gen Jaeger LeCoultre but that's about it since I don't like Rolexes and A. Lange Sohnes out of my budget.

Watches are like diamonds now, there are only like 3 watch companies that own all the brands now...but there is now a push for the higher end watches to make their own mvts cause they know their customers are catching onto their scam.

In the end, get what's you want cause nobody is going to have to wear it for you and everyone has their own set if values, priorities and needs.

Lastly, the stein hart is a decent value as getting any automatic watch with a Swiss 7750 or ETA in it for 800.00 does have some value...a 7750 prob costs 200.00 just for the mvt.