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Originally Posted by strokeoluck View Post
Dang, who knew there was so much to a watch...or that average Joe's knew so much about them?!

How does one go about finding "good" IWC knock offs? I don't care about resale value, or whether it loses a second every month, or if you can spot it's a fake by getting a magnifying glass out. Just want it to look decent on my wrist, tell time, and cost <$250. Thanks!
You may not feel this way, but it also comes off as if you want people to think that you are wearing a nicer watch than you really are. I would never wear a replica because I have no interest in posing like I have something that I don't. If I didn't have the money to buy a nice watch, then I wouldn't try to pretend that I do. I would feel like a fraud walking around with one on my wrist every day, and more importantly my image is not that important. Others will have a different opinion. It's what makes the world go round.

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