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I'll share a story about this topic as I only recently went through this....

I pretty much told my gf (wife now) that she can get whatever ring she wants. She comes from a well off family as well and has always had everything. Knew how I was spending money on cars, watches etc. We went ring shopping and I liked a ring that was around $15K (way less than my 3 month income fyi) for her and showed it to her. She liked it as well but wanted to keep looking. Ended up getting a ring that at the end cost $5K (her choice). Even then, she wanted to think about it and 'sleep on it' cause it was a lot of money. I ended up getting that one for her and she couldn't have been happier.

Even now, she sees me spend money on stupid stuff (watches, car etc) and I offer her to buy bags/jewellery etc and she still doesn't want any of that stuff. Just likes shoes a lot and even those won't spend exorbitant money on brands and I have to sometimes just forcefully get things for her.

Anyway, moral of the story is; like others have said, the price shouldn't really matter. But if she's only happy with something that's over a certain price limit, it may be something to think about. Anyway good luck OP, hope it goes well.

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