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Originally Posted by JamesNoBrakes View Post
The hate is amazing. It's truly the fear of the undiscovered country. The above post makes several incorrect assumptions and references, but it doesn't matter, people are afraid because it's different, because the world is changing. The true genius is that electric doesn't matter what the power station does to make power.
Why do you have to classify it as "hate". It's just opinion based on observation with a bit of sarcasm thrown in to make it interesting. Poking a little fun at fanboys. Not a big deal.

I don't think anyone here, us car enthusiasts, is afraid of EVs, and especially because they are "different". I'm as big a car enthusiast as anyone here, and I've loved the experience of the several electric cars I've driven so far, but...

But they are still not practical in both use and economics in the US for a single-car household, even with 300 mile range and supercharger stations strewn across the country (Tesla); or DC fast charge stations (Volt, Bolt, Leaf etc.). EVs are range limited and refueling-time limited to replace the internal combustion engine. Sorry, but BEVs are not going to replace the ICE-powered vehicle. EV (Tesla fans) fail to realize that passenger cars are not the only ICE-powered vehicles on the planet. Planes, large trucks, pickup trucks (a few million are sold in the US each year), and local delivery trucks all will never be converted to BEV because the energy storage capacity of petroleum is far denser than any battery will ever be. So while those vehicles need to be in the public fleet (especially commercial aircraft) natural gas, gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel will be the fuels of choice because it is inexpensive and are all made from the same manufacturing infrastructure. Commercial air flight will keep gasoline cars viable for a long time in the future because economics will dictate it so. The main disruptive force that is making BEVs anywhere near viable in the market (it's up to 3% now world wide) is due to Government legislation and the hologram that is globalwarmingclimatechange.

If I were leading the future of the automobile, I'd put my R&D towards a hybrid drivetrain similar to the Volt, but with a highly efficient conversion of gasoline into electricity (i.e. not by a traditional internal combustion engine) and a bank of super-capacitors rather than a chemical battery. However, burning of carbon is being legislated out of existence, so ideas such as what I've just stated, will sadly get little to no R&D funding. The petroleum-powered electric hybrid drivetrain engineers well into all types of vehicles except commercial aircraft, yet uses that same source of energy storage as aircraft, just far more efficiently. It also requires no change in the infrastructure of energy delivery (i.e. gas stations) as does a mass change to plug-in electric vehicles (electric grid capacity expansion), or hydrogen powered vehicles.

Now was any of that hate speech?
A manual transmission can be set to "comfort", "sport", and "track" modes simply by the technique and speed at which you shift it; it doesn't need "modes", modes are for manumatics that try to behave like a real 3-pedal manual transmission. If you can money-shift it, it's a manual transmission.

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