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Originally Posted by Efthreeoh View Post

I don't think anyone here, us car enthusiasts, is afraid of EVs, and especially because they are "different". I'm as big a car enthusiast as anyone here, and I've loved the experience of the several electric cars I've driven so far, but...

...But they are still not practical

Consciously, I would say people aren't aware they are afraid.

Subconsciously, they are terrified.

All we constantly hear is about how it'll never work, it'll fail, they are going under, no one will ever produce them, they won't be able to drive, they won't be able to charge, the batteries will die, etc. They try to throw up a million reasons why it can't work, yet, they are out there, working. For everyone? Is a Panamera Turbo S for everyone? Is a Kia Soul for everyone? Heck no, so that holds about as much water as a dry lake.

Is it practical? Of course, for those that are using it, it's 100% practical. Otherwise, they wouldn't be using it.
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