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Originally Posted by Fundguy1 View Post
Such a joke. The only terror I see here is the terror that you experience that your opinion about EVs taking over the world might be incorrect which manifests itself in your fanatical defense and inability to counter valid EV shortcomings with anything but you're just scared. The reality is its too soon to see if technology will economically be able to overcome a host of complex challenges that are currently without a solution. You used the horse as an example of old tech. The ICE is superior to a horse I'm most ways, therefore it superseded it. EV is the equal to ICE csrs in some ways, doesn't supersede it in any way, but lags in many ways. When and if this balance changes it probably become the dominant technology. Is the thin the next 10 Yrs? Unlikely.
Let me show you just how ridiculous your post is:

The first horseless carriage to use ICE was invented in 1863 by Kean-Joseph Etienne Lenoir and had a top speed of 3mph. Are you going to sit there and tell me this was superior to a horse? They should have just given up on ICE and horseless carriages at this point, right? Because a horse was superior to this pile of junk in every way.

In 1903 the Wright Flyer went 852 feet. The aircraft had a maximum speed of 30mph. To put that in perspective, a thoroughbred horse can run at around 44mph for half a mile. There are faster sprints and to go further they have to slow down, but heck, half a mile is way way longer than 852 feet. I'm not even going to get into the advancements of horseless carriages here, but I assume they could go more than 852 feet as well. I guess they should have just given up on airplanes too?

And while I could go off on lots of benefits of EVs from torque to efficiency, just to drive this home further, please tell me why golf courses don't use ICEs for all of their golf carts. You just sat there and told me that an EV doesn't supersede ICE cars, so how come EV golf carts exist? I know of many plants and industrial complexes that use a variety of EVs to ferry personnel and equipment from place to place. Why aren't these all ICE engines? Attitudes like yours are the reason nothing gets better, because we are so scared to push the limits, to get to new technology. We would have never went to the moon or pushed beyond the sound barrier if we didn't push forward. People get so stuck on what they remember and what they experience that they lack the perspective to see the potential of new technology.

Are there issues with EVs? Sure. The Wright Flyer didn't travel 7000 miles or go Mach .92. The horseless carriage couldn't rely on the existing infrastructure of hay and water troughs. But these challenges were overcome, just like they will be with EVs. As it stands, EVs have finally reached the battery density to make them practical for many people. This and reasonable charge times with minimal modification for the 240v charging has made them a reality. The technology of battery density and charging will only improve, and unlike hydrogen fuel cells or other exotic methods, this relies on existing infrastructure for the most part.

Honestly, I see most of the comments about how it'll never work or how they will be off the road as the same people that were all up in arms about horseless carriages and airplanes. Yes, it's fear, fear of something new, something that doesn't conform to previous experiences, something that will change the future.
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