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Originally Posted by insanecoder View Post
Unfortunately this is not to be.. the protests are the classic first step in the playbook
not surprisingly days after Israel and the US agree in meetings to confront Iran, these protests begin.. coincidence?

the real question which isnt a question is whether Russia will stand idlely by whilst its most geostrategic partner in the region is being subverted
if Syria was a strategic line in the sand, Iran is without a doubt a reason for the opposition to gel further

I predict strong Russian & Chinese support in the case of any full-court press by US/UK/Israel

2018 looks like a year of confrontation
I think your intelligent but maybe naive on the way States deal with one another in terms of regime change or policy changes. Of course American/Israel/Saudi strategic and diplomacy aim to damage Iranian interest and stability - much the way Iran does the same to neighbors and distant countries that aren't in it's interest.
What is going on in Iran now, even if western money and intelligence bids to offset Iran is finally working, what is going on now in Iran strictly looks to be eminating from Iranian citizens - even if the changes these Iranian citizens want is a democracy being pushed by U.S. & Israel interest, it's still domestic cause and effect.
Particularly when it comes to the west using intelligence services to influence Iranians. much of that is simply akin to free speech and divergent views in a country that has been very heavy handed in dealing with outside influences.
And there is no reason to believe covert operations by outside countries are responsible. The Iranian embargo and Nuclear Treaty instructions certainly are not covert. Like most uprisings a combination of economic, corruption and internal intelligence abuses are the main causes.