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I'm addicted and I need help!

No, not crack, mary-jane or amp's

my drug of choice is POP (diet pop to be exact) and coffee.


1st POP>

I am a diet pop fiend, I can down 1 liter bottles easily in a day.
I've always had this more recently, I'm on some meds which make me very dehydrated, due to excreting excess sugar through urine, you guessed I'm also a diabetic, so with insulin I crave sugar/sweet stuff at times.

Though I must admit I don't get the same rush, satisfaction with a "sweetner" than say the real deal.

(My blood sugars are good and stable)

I'm also more concerned about that amount of acid coming into contact with teeth, (every 4 months I have a teeth descale and all is good there)

I have, tried, GOD how I have tried, but I can't ween myself off these chemicals. Then there is the things you here about sweetners being bad and causing blood sugar imbalances.

HOW DO I STOP, or at least reduce.

2> Coffee: HOW much is too much

So I have bad shifts, 5 days,, I'm up at 430am for work, finish at 230pm
I also have a late night radio show,

So to keep me functioning during the day, it's a mixture of Coffee and Red bull (sugar free) I would say 4 coffees and on my lat night show, a couple of red bulls, and maybe a few more depending.

I absolutely can not give up coffee, first drink of the day, and I stop by say 6pm

I understand no quick or easy fix, and my meds and illness are no doubt causing issues.

So thought I'd post here for any advice

thanks guys !