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Originally Posted by Poiseuille View Post
Scotty, you should avoid the use of lol's and "chuckles" at the end of your sentences. makes you sound, ummm....nervous.
Nervous about what?

And some of you are making an assumption with the tone of your posts that I am some type of liberal Democrat. Far from it. I am actually fiscally conservative and somewhat socially liberal. I really do not label myself as a Republican or a Democratic. I think tying yourself to a political party is not the right thing to do. But, with that said, I have voted far more times Republican than I have Democrat. Heck, I even voted for Trump (although it was by no means an easy decision...I just disliked Clinton more than I disliked Trump and thought maybe something new would be a better choice). However, I will not vote for him again. I simply cannot stand who I think he is, a pathological liar and who appears to be nothing more than one more corrupt, self-serving politician.

With that said, I do not believe in attacking fellow forum members. I believe everyone has a right to their opinion. Although I am new here, I am not new to the internet or internet forums. I have been around the block a few times and this is not my first rodeo. I think you will find I will try to be polite, and my posts respectful and thought out, with maybe a bit of humor every now and then.

This is the internet, and nothing we will say will change anything.