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Did he win?

My thoughts:
Friday is Rosensteins last day.
Word is out that Mueller is leaving the DOJ.
DOJ policy is no trash talking someone who was not indicted. He can if he leaves.
He leaves, testifies with a string of open ended accusations that he and the Democrats rehearse between now and then.
The script is followed when they question him. Republicans try and counter afterwards.
This gives the MSM ammunition for months and the Obama spying gets no coverage. Keep the Trump bad narrative on full blast so as to help their Trump win 2020. THIS is their only goal. They know impeachment is not going to happen.

Found nothing.
Leaked the goofy letter.
Cross the wires of the letter and Barr's responses to it...pretty darn clever by Mueller but still tacky as hell, and what did we get? 'Barr BAD!'
Add it to the 200 page volume II op-ed and the TV people have ammunition. Toss in some upcoming snippets from Mueller that paint a 'he is guilty', we couldn't prove it gets swept aside, of something and we'll let people decide for themselves whatever they want.

This is more than disturbing if it actually happens. But look at the past two years. They're going to keep it alive.

Horowitz releases his report. The White House speed scans it for FISA abuse. If present, Trump will fire the other barrel of the shotgun and order all FISA documents be declassified.

No matter what all the TV people have said to that point, it will be buried by the IG's report and the full story on FISA applications and the aftermath.

The dems scorch them all business model will be buried by indictment after indictment.

Again, my personal forecast and nothing more.

Mucho popcorn.
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