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Originally Posted by spike5150 View Post
But this does not necessarily mean it will be available in the US.
I had the same thought. The date format as well as the language used (for example, "autumn" instead of "Fall") implies this is being targeted to European customers. Hopefully it is available in the US as well.

DHP available for the 40i is bittersweet. Nice that they finally have it, but a pity that they didn't introduce it earlier for 40i buyers who don't necessarily want the V8. Also wish that they decouple this from IAS. Again, IAS is not everyone's cup of tea. The M-diff , the new suspension and Electronic Anti-Roll Stabilization (EARS; more sophisticated and granular than a sway bar) are all good.

To be more specific, IMHO EARS is really needed on an SUV this big. Body roll is noticeable , even with non-aggressive driving (!) , at 40-50mph on winding roads or even city roads with gentle curves, even with the Adaptive -M suspension set to Sport mode.

Extra colors, especially the grey one will be interesting to check out.
Also interested in how the new wheel option looks like.