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Originally Posted by NickyC View Post
Eh, she's a sixteen year old kid. Can't be too hard on her, she's obviously a product of those around her who have been pushing this shit on her. Coupled with the not yet learned truth that she really isn't important, this is the result. Hopefully she'll grow out of it.

I'm just sad she's sixteen and seems so preoccupied with this crap it's making her ill. FFS, somebody tell her she won't be a kid for long and to enjoy this moment in her life as much as possible. World destruction was the last thing on my mind at that age lol.
They should have mandatory Paleontology courses at some point in Jr High and HS. Of course Climate change is real. Itís been changing for millennia. That pre-historic seabed that youíre standing on several hundred feet above current sea level *should* educate you on that real quick. Definitively driven by humans? The fossil record would like a word with you, you ego-maniac....
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