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Originally Posted by minn19 View Post
So what does that make you guys along with the President you support mocking a 17 year old kid with an apparent developmental disorder?

Real classy and just like what you guys always criticize the left for doing/attacking the person and not the idea/substance. Such is the way for all corners of society today.

I donít support mockery or ad homina going in any direction (left or right).

Set aside the disability (which I didnít realize until reading it last evening), and she seems to be the perfect tool for the climate change and government solutions crowd. Young, passionate, outspoken. But to me she just appears to be an ill-informed and somewhat disrespectful child, being egged on by those who want a child spokesperson. More noise than substance in her comments (I admit to only watching/reading snippets).

I wonder if there could be a spokeschild for the other side of this argument, an Alex P Keaton, who could talk about the economic consequences for todays kids if we destroy the world economies to fix a problem that (a) we might not be able to fix, or (b) isnít a real problem.
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