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Originally Posted by NormanConquest View Post
So let me get this right can't critize women who claim rape despite clear evidence the story doesn't make sense because a women can't possible lie

Can't critize children despite them generally not knowing better but we should listen otherwise we are mean bully

Can't critize people with mental illness, because it offensive to break their delusion despite that forcing us to deny well establish science

Can't critize islam because it supposely inspire terrorism despite terrorism existed prior

Can't critize illegals because they should be free to go anywhere they like despite the negative effects on a nation citizens

I'm sure I'm missing some but the statement is ridiculous, free people most powerful word is no and telling someone no your wrong or no i won't do it is extremely powerful useful idiot slaves say yes always and never question a narrative.
Not surprised at all to get a post like this from you. Just without any thought put ino it.

Criticism is not mocking ones mental illness (how do you even do that anyway?) or their future happiness as ther POTUS alluded to.