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We actually tend to give doctors/nurses a pass a lot of the time, especially if you're in scrubs with your credentials present. Just inform the officer/deputy/highway patrolman that you were called in to deal with a medical situation. The likelihood that you will be sent on your way is high. In many ways we see doctors/nurses as our lifelines when shit hits the fan and we need emergency medical care (...traffic collisions, gun shot and/or knife wounds, etc.). We don't want to jam you up if we don't have to.
If I show you municipal government ID, offer a story that the CAD/RMS server is down, would you call the agency and confirm?

Asking for a co-worker
Hahaha! Unlikely, but possible. I remember a time when a co-worker of mine checked a local hospital to see if a doctor he let go for speeding actually responded to a medical emergency. He found out that the doctor was off work; that doctor was issued a speeding ticket.