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One of the things I love about being an outsider to US politics is the ability to call bullshit to both Dem and GOP faithfuls... so, with that said, I'll continue without restraint.

The GOP and their pet cable news network wanted to Impeach Obama from day 0.

They failed.

Why? Because nothing he did was actually impeachable.

Trump has publicly called on foreign powers to discredit both his own intelligence services and his political opponents.

Mueller(a card carrying republican veteran, usually the archetypal hero for Reps) found 10 indictable counts of obstruction that would have proceeded had Barr not curated legal advice telling him that a sitting POTUS couldn't be indicted. Had any other shmuck done what he did, they'd be in jail, as evidenced by his campaign entourage being jailed or awaiting sentencing.

For example, this has aged like milk

Love or hate the guy, he's been knee deep in shady shit forever. It shouldn't surprise anyone that when a genuine smoking gun was found, the Dems pounced.

Ultimately the fact they wanted to impeach from day one is meaningless, the GOP would have taken the same tack with Hillary. Trump made the fatal mistake of doing something clearly and obviously impeachable at a time when the Dems owned the house.

All I can say about your claims about false this and false that is "lol", because that's all it deserves.