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Originally Posted by gonzo View Post
Out of curiosity, did you vote for Jeremy?
Nope, and I also didn't vote for the political weathervane that is Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson.

Not voting labour comes from their new found obsession with identity politics than anything specific to Corbyn. In that regard the UK Labour party are trying to drag us into the same mire that you guys are wallowing in where group identity seems to matter more than individuality.

I've been a Tory voter all my life until 2017, watching them move to the right and fuck up Brexit for 3 years entirely put me off. After speaking to my local candidates directly, I voted Lib Dem, who are more liberal than the tories socially, but economically almost indistinguishable.

The LibDem candidate from my area was the only one who actually had a real considered opinion on some of the Non-brexit stuff that concerns me right now.