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Originally Posted by bimmer456 View Post
I will have to see if I can convert my T401k to Roth 401k, that would be nice, so all my company contributions could be converted over as it only goes into T401K. Not sure why they can't just put it in a Roth 401k for me and pay the taxes.

I would love that option as I would rather pay taxes now instead of what we will have later.

I think I'm at 10% in my program at work just to get the company match. Anyone who has an employer match offering should at least max that part out even if their selection of investments are limited.

My company actually offers some decent options....but even then you can only do so well. I think YTD I'm about 28% return.

Then I contribute to a Roth and Spousal Roth IRA. At least with those you can be more specific and get better returns.

Also at tax time....I see what I have left to cap out our contribution for the year and do that in one lump sum if there is any room left.
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