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Originally Posted by Joe-T View Post
and has some flaws in his thinking/potential policy

1. push for elimination of electoral college system
2. End new oil and gas leases on federal land and end offshore drilling
3. Tax carbon emissions
4. In favor of a gun licensing program and support a "voluntary" buyback program while making "assault weapons" and "hi capacity" magazines illegal
5. Enact red flag laws
6. repealing the PLCAA
7. Citizenship for Dreamers
8. elimination of criminal penalties for entering the country illegally
9. Reverse the 2017 corporate tax cuts
10. Increase existing taxes on upper-income Americans
11. Pro reparations
12. Cancel student dept- and free college for "poor and middle class"
13. Implement a Green New Deal
Gives him sometimes. As he gets older, his idealism will get better like fine wines. Also once he sees his life flashing before his eyes a couple of times, all those "dreamers" things will get cleared out.