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Originally Posted by RMachuca3d View Post
Having 3 kids and a full time job, I get no time to sit down and enjoy the slow pace of sims.... so for the last 6 years I've been playing War Thunder, its a PVP online flight sim, initially it was ww2 aircraft only, but after so many years of development they are up to supersonic jets, hundreds of aircraft to fly out, and they've also added tanks and naval ships with the ultimate goal of having full battles air\land\sea.
From what I have seen War Thunder can be an amazing visual masterpiece, especially with the new graphics engine they recently implemented (including "global illumination" which drastically improves map lighting).

For the most-realistic flight/combat experience I would choose War Thunder simulator mode with a decent head-tracker & joystick & rudder combo as a minimum (for example: Track IR + VKB Gladiator + VKB Rudders). You can buy a separate throttle later for additional immersion.

I simply cannot overstate that using max-realism settings plus having real aircraft controls can help elevate "playing children games" into a meaningful historical hobby. Plainly put: it is time better spent. For me personally it was a springboard to learn about multiple aircraft technologies, both historical and still-relevant, like aircraft-trimming, constant-speed propellers, engine-governors, German WW2 Kommandogerät flight-computers (yes, in 1940s), etc: And because you get to experience how it all works in the sim, it becomes a truly engossing learning experience. I hight recommend it.