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I believe the avoidance was in relation to performance. This may very well been in relation to cost though. I just recall when the national distributor I worked for started carrying surveillance systems we all thought the logical choice was an IP-based systems, but after my team was trained on the subject they realized a conventional system was the better choice. As I recall, this had to do with all aspects of the systems... from cameras, to recorders, to cabling.

This was about 5 years ago so maybe my experience is out of date? Like insaid, this isn't my area of expertise.

Edit: through the fog of my brain I recall one limitation was the 328' limit of a cable run of an IP system. Coax-based systems didn't have this limitation. This can be a real issue in commercial; MDU; or large residential applications.
Not sure what was provided as information at the time of your training. But I don't have any issues with performance with my system. It's still very good even though it's several years old. I like the fact I can integrate it into my Vista15P home security system if I so choose as a triggered sensor. The flexibility of me be able to off load video onto any type of network attached storage device. And it's been proven to operate in extreme environmental conditions.

In regards to the max cabling length, there are systems out there which will allow longer runs of Ethernet cabling beyond the 100 meter standard max specification. So there are work arounds.
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