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Originally Posted by gofast182 View Post
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gofast182 where does the prodigy wireless controller you have plug in to the car?

mghmghmghusa did you ever identify an adapter?
There's one module you plug into the 'cigarette lighter' to set/vary the braking force to match the weight of your trailer. The actual controller just plugs into the 7 way connector on the back of the car. Once you set the force you don't actually need the module inside the car anymore but I like to keep in plugged in when I tow because it will confirm the controller is actively working.
When I used to have a pickup I connected my brake controller to a wiring harness in the truck, not the 7 pin connector on the hitch as that is what the trailer connects to. Maybe I'm being a bit slow but I don't follow what you mean.

Presumably the cigarette lighter is just for power, so how is the brake signal getting to the trailer with the setup you describe?