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Originally Posted by Ric in RVA View Post
Wonder what the REAL number is....between the stories of cremation and intentional misdiagnosis and running out of test kits as well as other 2nd hand accounts...It can't be accurate.
Not even CLOSE to accurate, would be my guess.

Pretty much every airline in the world is shutting down service to China-- you don't do that for your garden-variety flu.

I suspect that those at the top know a LOT more about this than they're letting on-- but no point in letting everybody panic.

On a *coughcough* completely unrelated note-- remember the 200 or so US citizens that flew from China to SoCal and got diverted to March ARB on the Kalitta jet?

They were tested in China, again at the fuel stop in Alaska, and AGAIN when they hit the ground in Riverside-- and then they were "requested" to stay on the base for three days.

And now *SUDDENLY* they're in quarantine for a full two weeks?