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Originally Posted by mghmghmghusa View Post
My 2019 X5 has the factory-installed towing option, which includes an under-dash connector (pictured) for plugging in a 4-wire trailer brake controller. (I use a Tekonsha Prodigy P2, identical to the BMW dealer-installed controllers sold for earlier X5's.)
Problem: no one, including BMW, sells the plug that fits into this connector. The BMW dealership guy is knowledgeable, super-helpful, and has called and emailed various departments, but the bottom line is that BMW doesn't sell a plug or brake controller for 2019 X5's.
So (like the old song) I'm all dressed up with no place to go. I've checked with Pollak (maker of the factory-installed trailer wiring receiver on my X5), eTrailer, and others -- none has a plug for this connector. So (as a last resort before I cut it off the connector and start splicing wires) I'm checking in to see if anyone has any other viable suggestions.
I *THINK* I tracked down the connector:

Looks right from the thumbnail so I ordered one to try it. Will let you know!