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Looks like we have a bunch of people here with towing experience. I have a couple questions that are preventing me from upgrading from an E70 to a G05 until I know more. I'm hoping you all can help:

How are you towing substantial loads with the limited payload capacity (849-871 lbs) of the G05? (BMW rates the payload capacity much lower than the difference between GVWR and curb weight. I haven't figured out why yet.)
In your experience is 2-able air suspension a must have for towing with the G05? The vehicles I'm considering now are all equipped with 2VF M Dynamic suspension, not air. My E70 with standard suspension does sag about 3-4" towing my boat.
Factory installation of the hitch increases the rated towing capacity to 7200 lbs. It's not clear to me if other components are upgraded to support that or it it's just marketing to encourage people to get the factory hitch. Have you all noticed anything different?