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Originally Posted by cooolone2 View Post
Hahaha, you exposed yourself here, you're not from NY are you!? A pedestrian has never killed a driver, lol, that's a good one!

Ummmmm, ok so when will equal application of the laws then be applied? Jay walkers? Pedestrian walking and texting, or even video calls I've seen, completely oblivious or uncaring about their whereabouts or what's going on around themselves. Public consumption of marijuana is out of control. Just walk down Madison Ave at lunch time. And the public right if way is a broad statement which is not based upon reality. 8 to 80 and you're cognizant of your responsibility as well in reagrd to roadways. Yes, a pedestrian has the right of way, when actually in a crosswalk, when actually crossing with the light, when not irresponsibly placing themselves in harm's way. Or do you propose a pedestrian walking along a highway has the right of way too? Bicycle lanes are a hoot! City has spent millions upon millions to make them, and we see a bike here and there. Want to talk about those bike riders who ride opposite the flow of traffic? They have the right of way too vs a vehicle? How about vs a pedestrian? Aren't those lanes for bikes only?

As for the Spd Camera operation 10mph threshold for activation, you're obviously a Dunning Kruger Graduate because you don't know what you're talking about.

Have a nice day!
Well said. This dude och has an IQ of a 5th grader
If I count how many people blindly walking across the sidewalk when it's red, 99% of the time they are looking at their phones.