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Originally Posted by anuj452 View Post
Question on LED Headlights...

In my X5, I noted that only one (outside one) of the headlamps turn on each side (Left & Right). When i asked the dealer he said the inside LED headlights (i.e the ones next to the kidney grills) are dummy and there is no bulb in there.

Having 2 headlights with corona rings around them is the BMW design. Am already not liking the fact that the non laser versions have only the lower half of the corona rings, and now they are saying one of the headlamps is a dummy one.
Same story. After MB headlights that one just sucks. Called to BMW Russia for remedy and got the recepie - buy laser version. Nice, huh!?)
I wonder, after all those ads and hype about Laser headlight performance pushing customers to buy X5, with all those confusing terms, like Adaptive and/or LED headlights vs Laser version, can it be considered as intentional confusion of the customers? Especially taking into account the fact that g05 has worse headlight as X5 previouse model? Can it be the case to file for BMW?