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Originally Posted by !Xoible View Post

So i went to another dealership and asked for a test drive. This test drive comes after a day of driving my car hard and kinda pushing it, then driving a brand new STi (fully broken in). The car was warmed up because somebody has just taken that car out on a test drive.

Here's my new impressions:
1. awesome navigation system

2. pussy exhaust. i prefer G35/350z or G37's exhaust, but no problemo exhaust would be first mod

3. VDC sucks ass still, too intrusive and without it the car is hella fun but really with no control. i'd like a setting somewhere in the middle (MDM? lol). But fine i can live with it on or off

4. Handling was awesome! if the M3's handling is 10/10 (which is not) then the 370z is like 8.5 or 9. I actually thought handling was great and the LSD makes a day and night difference between then non-sport and sports package. It was very nimble, a lot of fun until we get to one corner. So on the way to Irvine Nissan there's a right turn, it's pretty sharp but i was going fast in my M3 and it did fine. I took that turn with the Z and we almost crashed! i almost went over the fence to be on the freeway that was scary. the guy was like "youre the craziest man i've ever encountered on a test drive" lol

5. Power... well it does put more power and it does put you ahead of traffic. rev match it (whether you use ur foot or use the synchro-match feature thing) and BAM ur ahead of everyone. But here's my problem. The car does not feel fast. there's no torque push. and you know what that problem does exist in the M3. u see ur speedometer jumping 10 mph at a time (maybe less in the 370z) but you dont feel it Yah maybe it'll lose a drag test with the M3, but the feeling of power is pretty similar

6. Steering is definitely tighter with sports package. i was doing all kinds of crazy stuff. the car felt pretty nabil... *ahem* i mean nimble.

7. Sound inside the cabin i guess it's too noisy for a drive coming back from a long work day at 8 or 9 pm and with an aftermarket exhaust it will be noisier but it is what it is...

This car right now kind of tops the list of cars im looking into. a hair over the STi (which is a whole different story)
Thanks for updating the post with new impressions. I have yet to drive the 370 (I wasn't a big fan of the 350), but i think i'll give it a whirl.

I wonder if you would have had the same problem with handling if the tires were a lil more worn. Very good objective review..