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I still have not figured out how to make another driver. Do you have to retire your first driver?

Originally Posted by 1trip5 View Post
the game will turn on pit when your fuel level runs too low. That being said, you will never run out of fuel if you leave the game unattended for any duration of time.

Unless your drivers are ranked so high that they gain enormous amounts of strength while out of car, you should leave the auto-pit strength setting "off" and monitor your position and strength levels yourself. HINT: If you pick a car that overpowers the competition, you can leave 1 driver in for the entire race. If he is running super cool, he wont make mistakes even if his strength has completely diminished.

I know for a fact that by the time my second driver has gone through his strength, my 1st driver has only regained maybe 20% of his initial strength. Then you spiral into a pit-every-lap mode. Also, both of my drivers are equal level (18).
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