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Cleaning the 740M Wheel

So we are now in possession of our G05. The ride back from Spartanburg was rainy almost the entire way and the 740M wheels got terribly dirty. When I cleaned them my suspicion was realized: while they look good on the car, they are a bitch to clean.

1. How does everyone else clean the scallop/channel that runs behind the spokes? This feature caught a crap ton of grit and is the worst part of these wheels IMHO.

2. Does anyone have a wheel brush that will clean behind the M Sport caliper? Clearance is super tight and my wheel brush won't even fit. I could just move the car up a foot but I'd like to clean in place if possible.

3. On the RF wheel there's now a streak of rust going around the barrel (in line with the rotor) that didn't come off with my scrubbing. To be fair, I didn't try my Sonax wheel cleaner on it yet but has anyone else seen this and removed it?

4. Does anyone recommend a wheel specific coating? I'd like to apply something semi-permanent to ease this process going forward. (I'm also looking into a pressure washer)