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Originally Posted by Jgc650i View Post
....My choice pretty much comes down to either the Gtechniq Crystal Serum or Cquartz Professional products. Would appreciate some feedback on why specifically you would choose one over the other from those who know both products. Thanks in advance for your feedback and suggestions, much appreciated!
Hi there,

Not used both products but have been doing a fair amount of reading in the last month and have decided to go with Gtechniq for my car. I will list the reasons but it must be considered as a biased opinion now

- Long lasting (cs ultra is claimed for 9 years but sold only to accredited professionals). Take this with a pinch of salt sure but see below.
- genuine >3 year lasting base coats ( cs light ) and 2-3 yr top coats ( exo v4), if maintained reasonably . These come with extremely good water beading properties. Verified by users online and also a few users here
- very high gloss and clarity ( note that this significantly depends on paint prep and polish, but the coat will preserve it)
- hardness of ultra is a step higher (10H) compared to 9H hardness of most other films. Still only incrementally harder than the factory clear coat, so while this is nice, it is not a big factor for me- but combined with other factors, lends credence to their lifetime ratings.
- Relatively more direct about limitations and lifetime ratings in their website. They will tell on their site if their lacquers/coatings last only for 2 years or even 3months. their website is one of the few that provides hardcore info upfront in the form of material data sheets. They also provide a very good service cost estimator on their website which makes it easy to check with detailers.

Minimal gotchas on 9 year warranty -if you go with cs ultra: donít run it through harsh car washes, spritz it with a detailing spray once or twice a year and get it inspected also once a year . Reasonable for me but ymmv of course.

The product is good, but you need to find a good installer as well , which is also crucial. Look up the gtechniq website for credited installers if you like.

I have come to like them , but not affiliated in any way. Will be getting my car done in early to mid April and can share pics then.

What is your car color BTW?