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Originally Posted by jimv03 View Post
I want to purchase a pressure washer to wash my cars and clean the patio etc... What type should I buy? How strong does it need to be to get the job done? Electric or Gas powered?
Pressure washers aren't known for their longevity so after agonizing over the decision for months I found a thread that enlightened me.
This made great sense to me so I went out and got a $109 Ryobi and MTM Hydro accessories.
I'll be trying the foam cannon for the first time tomorrow but by itself the little Ryobi had enough power to clean the siding and flashing on my screened-in porch as well as a bluestone walkway with relative ease. If the washer ever goes it's not going to give me too much heartburn to spend another $100 to replace it and the MTM Hydro accessories should last a lifetime.