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This is a very good concept video on how to wash a vehicle correctly. You don’t have to use their products although I highly recommend a foam gun. This will give you a idea of how and why we wash the way we do. You can modify your techniques but understanding the concept will help new owners avoid expensive mistakes. If you are picky and are going to paint corect your new BMW yourself, ask your dealership NOT to wash the vehicle upon delivery. Your dealership doesn’t employ highly skilled detailers but rather recon washers. You generally don’t want them fixing any paint defects like hairline scratches or removing adhesive from the white plastic paint film. Either use your own skills or take your vehicle to a proper detailing shop as in the video. It’s a highly developed skill set and it’s not cheap to have it done properly so why not invest your time in learning to do it properly. I am a dealers worst nightmare when I inspect a new vehicle for purchase. You are going to always find paint issues but you will know before purchase if it’s a big deal or not.

I did a similar paint prep on my new Carbon Black 50i with P21 paint cleaner followed up by P21 wax. All new vehicles will need a final polish directly from the factory. It’s unavoidable so if you either choose to PPF or high gloss wax, you must put the inital time in if you want stunning results. One trick I use for cleaning interior glass in the tight areas. I use a wooden yard stick with a microfiber towel around it. Same technique you will see in the video. Keep it handy because your interior glass will need cleaned about every 2 weeks on a new vehicle.
For a pefect satin finish to black plastic and rubber tires I have found Lexol Vinylex. No build up and it doesn’t attract dirt like horrible high gloss tire dressings.

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