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Polish Angel Cosmic V2 Coating On Our G05

This is a few weeks old as I did the work on July 3rd/4th but I wanted to share with fellow G05ers. I had been waiting for months for a combination of dry weather (hard to come by in NJ this spring) and free time to apply a ceramic coating to our new X5. It finally came together this weekend and I applied Polish Angel Cosmic V2. Ceramic coatings are not known for all-out gloss but I chose this coating because of a generous amount of TiO2 along with the SiO2, trying to prioritize relative gloss over longevity (12mo instead of 24mo like some claim).

I started on the evening of the 3rd when I removed the wheels, cleaned them, and treated them with their own ceramic coating (Pinnacle Black Diamond). Wheel removal was a must for such a thorough cleaning. On the morning of the 4th I was out at 7am to start the rest of the prep... clean the jambs, wash, iron remover, wash, clay, wash. After all of that it was time to polish using my new Rupes LHR15 Mk. III and the Polish Angel Invincible Primer. The Rupes made quick work of it compared to my PC (bigger pad and longer throw) and the Invincible Primer was an extremely mild polish, I think it was more about a chemical base. After all of this prep. it was ~12PM and it was now time for the first application of Cosmic V2. It went on like a thick paint sealant with the supplied applicator which was nice compared to some other coatings which are very liquid. Wait 2hrs, remove, and apply a second coat. Wait 2hrs, remove, and hit it with Cosmic Spritz to accelerate the cure. At this point it was about 5PM. Around 7PM I noticed the first signs of dew starting to form so I backed it into our garage and scratched one of the fender flares on our new baby, ugh. Anyway it was a long involved process and it looks pretty good (there are products I know would give it more gloss but that's not 100% what I'm after here). Only time will tell if it was worth it.

On Sunday I did my biannual detail on my 340i using Wolfgang Deep Gloss Paint Sealant 3.0. A quality sealant and a black car at dusk are much more conducive to gloss shots than a white car earlier in the day.

Here are pics of both cars.