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Originally Posted by eightd2 View Post
Just got my 2019 X5 BSM. It seems that most waxes/polishes cause minor fine scratches. I am not certain if it is my applicator which is a microfiber sponge/pad, the microfiber towel I use to remove the product or the product itself. You have to look very closely to see the lines, but they can be seen. I have read where Black Sapphire Metallic is difficult to keep pristine, but any advice and product recommendations would be appreciated. I want a "deep shine, but there is so much metallic in the paint, am I asking for too much?

Thanks for the help!
There is something very wrong here.

First, most waxes will NOT cause minor scratches, they generally do not contain abrasives unless you use a "cleaner wax".

Polishes by nature contain abrasives and will scratch if you cannot work them out properly with a machine polisher like a DA unit. Pad type and polish type play a role here, too.

The truth is that most imperfections are introduced or exacerbated by poor washing technique. I have a nearly 3 year old BSM 340i that I have never had to polish and the finish is nearly pristine.

You need to look backward to your washing process for the root cause of the swirls or scratches.