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Originally Posted by DNGRTOM View Post
Foam cannon on a pressure washer is great (and fun). you can find a decent one on amazon (I think I use an older version MTM) what makes ease of use is no lance on the pressure gun. So if you can do pressure gun->foam cannon, its way easier to use than gun->lance->foam cannon. You'll have to mess with fittings to get everything to attach but worth it IMO
But - that's a warm weather wash.

When its crappy/cold I use waterless wash 3 out of 4 washes.
if you go this route get a pump sprayer, you don't need fancy, I use this guy ($11 vs $30):

You'll need a stack of MF towels too, you go thru 1-3 per panel.
Thank you for the detailed response. I like the idea of the waterless wash, and know it is CRUCIAL to have a stack of good MF towels. Do you do this even if there is a good layer of the salt and grime along the sides and rear? My plan was to use the pressure washer with the foam cannon to knock the crap off and then go use the waterless wash. I've come to the conclusion that BMW paint, as nice as it may be, does not hold up like some of the other manufacturers. Not sure why, but I've seen some people mention they use thinner paint for "eco reasons".

To me, the idea of WW is crazy at face value, but after researching and talking to people...they swear by it, and the results are stunning.