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My dealership's cosmetic repair tech recently removed a hair-thin, ~10"-long scratch in my clear coat (my body color is Mineral White Metallic, if that matters). He sprayed some kind of solution on a microfiber cloth, wiped over the scratch lightly, and it disappeared in seconds. Does anyone know what that solution might have been, or if there's something similar I could research?

At first, I figured he just removed the dirt from the scratch, making it invisible. But upon closer examination, he actually removed or filled in the scratch, which was previously discernible when running my nail over it.
How is the repair holding up? Fixing a light scratch in the clear coat as you describe above is a “routine” job that any good detailer can perform. I agree it sounds like the dealer guy filled in the scratch with a liquid wax which is a temporary fix.
It's still completely invisible to the naked eye. Still not certain what they used, but it has yet to reappear.