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Originally Posted by Tek-dad View Post
So I’ve had my X5 M50i for about a month. Finally decided to give her a good washing. Had it outside on a clear cool day. Brought it in the garage to dry it. Once it was in the garage and dry I see these water spots on the hood under the fluorescent lights of the garage. So I grab a little spray detailer and they won’t come out! Everything I see online says to use vinegar and water on the hard water spots but I’m petrified. If I take the car outside in the sunlight I can’t even see the spots. But back in the garage it’s clear as a bell. I’m attaching a pic.
The dealer threw in their ‘ceramic’ coating on the paint so I’m shocked there are water stains on the car. Could they be under the coating?!

Any help is appreciated. Thanks
Question is if water stain is on top of or under ceramic coating. I would try removing again with detail spray in hope stain is on top of ceramic coating. If still doesn't come out and under ceramic I would do more research. Highly likely the ceramic has to be remove, paint corrected/ stains buffed out and either have ceramic coating reapplied or start wax routine.

There are plenty of expert knowledge on this site so answer is here, just don't know if you'll like the necessary fix.

FYI, I have vehicle scheduled for delivery within 10 days. I instructed dealer to remove protective film but not touch the paint. I will detail and wax myself.