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Originally Posted by Tek-dad View Post
So today I washed her again. I even went a little nutty and rinsed it with distilled water.

Put it in the garage to dry the car. Once it was dry the spots were still there. So I took a mix of 1/2 distilled water 1/2 distilled vinegar and sprayed it on. Let it sit for a minute. Polished it and the spots are still there!

So I called the dealer and they assured me they are going to make it right.

I will keep posting updates.
Good to see dealers positive response however at this point I would be reluctant to have them touch my paint.
Resolution of this depends a great deal on how much you care. Is this a minor annoyance that you only see on close inspection and accept the door dings in parking lots and rock chips on hood are part of life? Or, do you wash car weekly taking pride in showing off that mirror like finish at auto shows? Probably someplace in between.
Talk with dealer to see his suggestion. If me, I would probably take to a “professional” detailer to resolve. I’m frugal so I would probably just ask detailer to remove coating and correct finish removing water spots etc. Then I would plan on waxing 2-3 times annually vs spending another $2-3K to apply ceramic coating again.

If you can live with the the blemishes, I would look to dealer for some sort of compensation for aggravation. Probably in the form of discounted services vs cash as potentially it has more value to you. (Discounted service should not include detailing).

Looking forward to your update.