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You have a great cleaning system in garage, but whats your plan for roadtrips

The only thing I can do while I go through the torturous wait is read and read on this forum. Like someone said, it is therapedic.

I have my ducks in the row about, PPF and ceramic coats immediately after getting the car delivery.
1. Stek Dynoshield - full front.
2. GTechniq Clear Serum Ultra 1coat + EXO4 2 coats.
3. Window tints - will have to wait till AZ summer.

For my garage setup, after reading and reading here's what I have in mind.
1. Pressure washer + Adams Foam cannon + Adams PH neutral
2. No wipe. CRSpotless rinse and let it dry
3. For AZ summer when its 100F at 9am, Ammo NYC spray and MF wipe

All this is great. But when you all go on roadtrips for days and days together, what is your plan. If its a few days, yea it can wait till we come home. But we have been out for like 2-3weeks sometimes.

My current X3 is Alpine White and is happy to go through drive-throughs, no problem. But not sure whats the best for on-vacation cleaning kit.
What do you guys do. !!

Oh and yes - Dark Graphite, 21" Y style 744 wheels.