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Zymol leather conditioner - please view pic

I bought this product "brand new and sealed".... based on several recommendations on this forum. I bought it on eBay... yea.... I know... uggghhh.

I "believe" the bottle was sqeezed and re-capped to make it look full, but I've never used this product, so I'm not sure how it usually is filled.

The thin aluminum "peel back" seal on the bottle was present, but not stuck to the bottle at all... it just fell off when I opened the cap.

Also when I opened the cap, the bottle returned to its natural state, and it appears that nearly 10% of the contents has been used.

Also... it's very "watery". I expected it to be thicker and creamier. Is it supposed to be watery?

Nothing "leaked" in shipping.... this is how it came.

I'm not sending it back to the US from Belgium.... I'll use it.

But... I want to know if I was lied to and ripped off.

Do the bottles normally come "squeezed" to make them appear full, and then look partially empty when you open them?

1st pic from ebay ad.

2nd pic after I opened the cap and released the negative pressure.
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