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Drives: 2020 BMW X5 xDrive40I
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I use Optimum car wash, 2 bucket system, simply chuck deionized water system and an electric blower. The deionized water is used for initial rinse and final rinse. I do this in sections. I use a microfiber mit and work my way from the top to bottom of car. When wash is completed I use an electric blower for drying. Sometimes I have to use detail spray and a microfiber towel for touchup but for the most part towels are rarely used on painted surfaces. I also wash my car in the garage and never in the sun. The deionized water is a God send especially in Florida. I do keep detail spray in the X5 for when the car is parked at work and those irritating yellow dots land on the paint or bird droppings. I also have the GTechniq Crystal Serum coating on mine along with PPF on hood, bumper, headlights, mirrors and A-pillars. Deionized water is the only way to go. No risk of water spotting.