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Originally Posted by Jmpascual View Post
Thanks for the tips! I definitely use the two bucket method and even foam gun the car and rinse before I actually wash with soap/wash mitt. As for my X5, it's fairly new so all of the swirls come from the dealership where they "detailed" my car before I took delivery. I'm definitely looking into some lights for detailing, and a good leaf blower to dry the car.

Do you just polish the shiny black B-Pillar trim the same way you'd do with the paint?
No problem at all. I am glad I could help.

You can polish the pillar trim the same as the paint. The Carpro Essence worked well there. I just used slower speed and very little pressure.

Lights can be cheap. Since you are polishing black, some 6K to 6.5k color temp lights would be best to help identify the micro marring and correction is done right. You can get a decent rig for under $100 on Amazon.